Welcome to The Summit in Middlebury!  A beautiful, small neighborhood just outside of the great little town of Middlebury with approximately 130 homes. Middlebury has a population of 3,575. The summit is a safe community with close by bike trails (the Pumpkin Vine) and beautiful Krider Gardens.

History of The Summit:
  The development process of the Summit started in 1999 by Segra Properties, LLC. 
Segra Properties purchased the land from Krider Tree Farm in 1994 and operated as a wholesale organic tree farm from 1994 to 1999. Krider Nursery Land Holdings had 27 members that had to sign the deed when this property was sold to Segra Properties. The land was the largest tract of ground owned by Krider Tree farm.

Click the link for history of Krider Farm; http://www.middleburyin.com/departments/park_and_recreation/krider_world_s_fair_garden_park.php  

Segra Properties started the process of developing The Summit in 1999 and the first lot sold was lot 8.
In an effort to not destroy the trees in the farm most trees in the way of road construction were either moved or sold. In 2002 The Summit was the central site for The Parade of Homes with at least 6 homes from the Summit being in the parade. 


For a brief history of Middlebury please click here.  http://www.middleburyin.com/community_information/about_middlebury/index.php